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Investing With Assurance

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Investing With Assurance

Investing With Assurance

Future RE Capital Management

By Future RE Capital Management

Future RE Capital Management VS The Stock Market

From China to Italy, to the U.K. and to America, the stock market has always been a source of income for investors but is it the best one?

Approaching investment for the first time

So far, the U.S. stock market has suffered major setbacks in the space of two years  as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500 all went down miserably.

The recent and sudden crash in the U.S. stock market that is now moving closer to bear territory has shown that the stock market, though lucrative, is a much more volatile one.

Many investors in America are increasingly getting scared and losing a fast grip with investing, especially in the future. With no real promise of stable market, for the time being, investors are looking for better opportunities that are less vulnerable than the stock market.

One of such opportunities is investing in Future RE Capital Management.

Why Real Estate Investing Is Better Than Stock Market Investing 


Stock markets, as seen in the recent U.S. stock market crashes, are highly susceptible to crashes, even in the short term. Stocks are easy to trade, which may be one of the reasons why investors suffer frequently.

While there are up and down market cycles, some people may find it challenging to keep their investment once the market drops. 

But with real estate investing, the situation is different. Real estate is a much more tangible and less liquid asset that requires significant time and effort to sell, meaning investors may be more likely to hold and maintain it throughout market cycles. 

A Reliable Return on Investment

Investing in real estate with Future RE Capital Management comes with a stable, dependable return on investment. Compared to stock market investing, the risk in real estate are potentially lower. 

While stock markets can be characterized by emotional and inexperienced buying and selling, real estate investing could provide better opportunities that yield higher returns.

Because real estate investments are typically held longer, it could mean a lower risk of loss. Meanwhile, stock market investing could mean you’ll see the prices of the stock falling instead of seeing it as an excellent opportunity to exploit.

Unbeatable Tax Advantages

Real estate investing and real estate related investment funds offer a superb tax advantage that stock markets can never hope to match. The IRS makes it possible for investors to deduct 27.5 years from the property cost for dwellings. 

In practical terms, real estate investment opportunities mean you are depreciating a tangible asset that doesn’t even lose value. This leaves you with more money that you can use to handle other things or buy more properties.

Find out what opportunities are available by getting in touch with Future RE Capital management. It’s time you start investing with assurance and save yourself the pain of losing to fluctuation in the current U.S. stock market. 


Future RE Capital Management taps into the US investment property assets market, valued at over $162.8 billion. With over $25 million in Assets Under Management, Future RE Capital Management is focused on the acquisition, renovation, leasing, and sales of multi-family and residential assets in affordable housing markets, helping investors realize a ten to fourteen percent annual return on their investment. Visit our site to find out more information about short-term opportunities.

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