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Future RE Capital Management Receives Major Investment from P.R.E. Capital, LLC and Forms Long-Term Partnership

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Future RE Capital Management Receives Major Investment from P.R.E. Capital, LLC and Forms Long-Term Partnership

Real estate investment company, Future RE Capital Management, is now announcing a long-term partnership backed by major investment capital from P.R.E. Capital, LLC

October 1, 2022

Future RE Capital Management is known for acquiring off market properties in affordable housing markets on the East Coast and using them to produce impressive amounts of income. The company recently announced a major investment from east coast company, P.R.E. Capital, LLC. Forging a long-term partnership.

“We are very pleased to have P.R.E. as our new long-term partners and our strategy remains the same, to acquire properties in affordable housing markets and transform the communities in which we operate,” commented a company spokesperson.

Future RE Capital Management has over 15-years experience buying, renovating, leasing, and selling, residential and commercial properties strategically targeted across 15 states, with a special emphasis on affordable housing. The company currently is responsible for over 25 million in assets.

For more information be sure to visit http://futurerecapital.com.

Future RE Capital Management is a Real Estate Investment Company based in the state of Maryland with target strategies on the East Coast that taps into the US investment property assets market, valued at over $162.8 billion. With over $25 million in Assets Under Management, Future RE Capital Management is focused on the acquisition, renovation, leasing, and sales of multi-family and residential assets in affordable housing markets, helping investors realize a ten to fourteen percent (10%-14%) annual return on their investment. Visit our site to find out more information about short-term opportunities.

The company’s management has over a 30-year combined history of owning and operating assets with a focus on investment properties and short term debt financing. Future RE Capital has a range of public and private investment products and services, which leverage its expertise and experience and provide the company with a competitive advantage in affordable housing markets and opportunity zones in low-income to middle-income real estate markets.

For more information on Future RE Capital Management, contact:
Investor Information: http://investors-frecm.com
Full Site: www.futurerecapital.com
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By Email: info@futurerecapital.com 

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