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Future RE Capital Management

Future RE Capital Management is a Maryland based, Real Estate Investment Company founded by Christopher Harrison in 2019. Mr. Harrison started the company with a mission to identify, invest in, and rebuild residential properties in affordable housing markets across the United States. After a number of successful investments in residential housing, it became clear that the world’s outlook on lower-to-middle class housing was in desperate need of revitalization. This lead to early investments in residential and multifamily housing.

Today, Future RE Capital Management strategically targets residential, 1-4 unit and commercail assets in affordable housing and workforce markets within eighteen (18) U.S. states for the purpose of acquisition, renovation, development, redevelopment, and long-term leasing. With multiple years of experience, the company continues to maintain a very strong track record of purchasing, renovating, and selling several residential homes, commercial properties, vacant properties, multi-unit properties and mixed-use properties. The Company’s scalable business model will rapidly create substantial revenue while targeting affordable housing real estate markets throughout the U.S. in the future. 

Our Approach

FRECM (Future RE Capital Management) seeks to separate itself by its performance-driven approach and a directive of accountability to our shareholders and investors.

We apply our broad perspective and deep expertise to uncover what we believe to be the true drivers of long-term capital appreciation. We work collaboratively across functions throughout each asset’s lifecycle in an effort to deliver high-yielding returns to our shareholders, partners and investors and deliver exceptional customer service for our tenants.

Our Vision

Our Company’s vision is to be one of the most assertive and fastest growing real estate investment managers in the United States. Our mission is to generate consistent returns for our investors. We strive to achieve these returns by maintaining high integrity and staying true to our proven investment strategy.

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Real estate has historically provided strong risk-adjusted returns and low correlations to other assets, such as stocks and bonds. Although, like all investment strategies, it also involves speculation and risk.