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FRECM is a real estate investment platform that enables investors to invest in residential and commercial real estate opportunities. FRECM is sponsored and managed by Future RE Capital Management. Future RE Capital Management primarily engages in the ownership, management, development, redevelopment, acquisition, and rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties in affordable housing and workforce markets. 

Future RE Capital executes value-add strategies through debt, equity and joint venture investments in eighteen U.S. markets. Future RE Capital utilizes its extensive real estate expertise and industry relationships to create value through management, leasing and strategic capital improvements.

Since 2019, Future RE Capital has acquired and managed over 332 properties with over $30 million assets under management. Using proven investment strategies, Future RE Capital has generated an annualized 18% IRR on all realized investments

Investors may use the FRECM platform to browse investment offerings by Future RE Capital Management, review financials and sign legal documents securely online. Once invested, participants have access to a member dashboard, giving them 24/7 access to their investments along with regular reporting from the real estate company on the performance of these investments. FRECM does not provide investment advice, and participants must conduct their own evaluation and due diligence of prospective real estate investments. We strongly advise that you seek advice from an investment professional.

Residential and commercial real estate throughout eighteen U.S. states.

Optional liquidity after twelve months.

Focused on passive cash appreciation through real estate.

Invest in REITs

The Income REIT’s objective is to pay attractive and consistent cash distributions and to preserve, protect, increase and return capital contributions through equity investments in a diversified pool of residential and commercial real estate. 


Future RE Capital Investments

Start Date:  09/01/2023

Share Price:  $10.00

Investment Minimum:  $1,000

Annual Percentage Yield:  10-14%

Term Minimum:  12 Months

Distribution:  Quarterly

Fees:  None

Investor Type:  Non-Accredited

Tax Incentives:  Yes

Future RE Fund, LP


Start Date:  07/01/2023

Share Price:  $0.00

Investment Minimum:  $50,000

Annual  Percentage Yield:  18-25%

Term Minimum:  24 Months

Distribution:  Quarterly

Fees:  None

Investor Type:  Accredited

Tax Incentives:  Yes