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Future RE Capital Investments I

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Future RE Capital Investments I

Future RE Capital Management

By Future RE Capital Management

Future RE Capital Investments I

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust


by Future RE Capital Management

Future RE Capital Investments I (by Future RE Capital Management) is a high volume, privately-traded company in the United States focused on low-to-middle income residential and commercial properties. Structured as a private, self-administered Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), the company primarily engages in the ownership, management, development, redevelopment, acquisition, and rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties in affordable housing and workforce markets.

Our Focus

Future RE Capital Investments I will strategically target residential, 1-4 unit, multifamily, and commercial assets in affordable housing and workforce markets within eighteen (18) U.S. states for the purpose of acquisition, renovation, development, redevelopment, and long-term leasing. The Company will  target a combination of “C” and “D” properties in lower-to-middle class areas, in cities with a population over 1 million, with a value-add strategy of upgrading them to “B” and “B+” properties. 

Our Geography

The Company will operate through six primary segments and twelve secondary segments. Primary segments include: Maryland; Delaware; Pennsylvania; Ohio; Florida; New Jersey. Secondary segments include: Washington, DC; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; West Virginia; Massachusetts; Georgia; Illinois; Tennessee; Oklahoma; Alabama; and Connecticut.

 Future RE Capital Investments I will pursue a strategically focused niche of affordable and workforce residential and commercial housing. This sector has been under-served by institutional capital, yet they offer strong, long-term fundamentals to generate attractive returns for investors. Informed investment decisions are guided by integrating risk management throughout the investment process, supporting the optimization of long-term risk-adjusted capital appreciation.

For more information visit:  https://investors-frecm.com/freci/

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About Future RE Capital Management

Future RE Capital Management taps into the US investment property assets market, valued at over $162.8 billion. With over $30 million in Assets Under Management, Future RE Capital Management is focused on the acquisition, renovation, leasing, and sales of multi-family and residential assets in affordable housing markets, helping investors realize a twelve percent (12%) to twenty-five (25%) percent annual return on their investment. Visit our site to find out more information about short-term opportunities.

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